Adventures of a Milwaukee family.

  • Slovenia: so hot right now

    Slovenia: so hot right now

    Literally. The continent is just beginning a heatwave with a striking resemblance to the one that is (hopefully) leaving the US Southwest and Slovenia is no exception. We left a few days ago after sustained days above 80ºF and high humidity. Since then, it’s only gotten hotter. Today’s forecasted high is 94ºF, in a place…

  • Swimming in Munich

    Swimming in Munich

    Munich is a landlocked city and the capital of Freistaat Bayern, one of 16 states in the German federal republic. It’s bisected by the Isar River which completed an 11 year restoration project in 2011 and is now the cleanest, and wildest, it’s been in centuries. There are beaches on the Isar, but the city…

  • Barrel camping for the complete beginner

    Barrel camping for the complete beginner

    Barrel camping is a new-ish but growing (based on our research for this trip) trend in camping accommodations. It’s basically exactly as it sounds: You sleep in a giant wooden barrel. It’s probably three meters wide and I’d guess 12 long. There’s a door, a few windows, electricity, and a heater for cold nights. It’s…

  • Paris


    We just wrapped up about a week in Paris. Danielle has a friend who is also a writer she met at last year’s Bread Loaf conference. She was generous enough to provide us with free accommodation in her parent’s apartment in the 20th Arrondissement for the week. We were in a part of Paris home…

  • The Flysch

    The Flysch

    Our last few nights in Spain were spent in a camper cabin in the Basque Coast Geopark, a region spanning the coast between the cities of Mutriku and Zumaia that features unique geology. There are 94 such parks Europe (inclusive of Turkey and Russia) and it’s another locally-administered, independently managed, UNESCO joints like the Urdaibai…

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