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Poems from Korean Children

Greg Teacher: A Haiku
Greg is my teacher.
Greg Teacher is very tall.
I like Greg Teacher
My fifth graders collectively

A Limerick About a Cat
There once was a funny cat.
Who was also very very fat.
He went to the vet,
Because he’s a pet.
And now he can hunt for rat.
My fifth graders collectively

The bird sit my hand
Spring is here, so am I
Fresh air, sunshine, bird
Harry, Grade 5

Apple is
Yummy, taste good!
Harry, Grade 5

Swimming in the summer
Use suncream
My mother swim
Mother brought water melon
Eat watermelon together
Ride bike
Lina, Grade 5

In our fool class
We have Jabiru John
Handicap Harry, Banana Brian
Jolly Jeff, Lemon Lina
Jovial Julie and Silly Sally
Julie, Grade 5

I am 12 years old.
Today I forget my brain
Lucky, I’m ok.
Julie, Grade 5

Harry loves Amy and John
John loves Jeff and Harry and Amy
Also they love Sally too
Jeff, Grade 5

John: an Acrostic
John hite harry
Oh my god
Harry die
No he is zombie
John, Grade 5

Sally: an acrostic
She has goodness
Apple is bad
Lemon is yellow
Lion is very force
Yoga is healthy
Sally, Grade 5

Leaves have fall down
The sky is so high to touch
Bear going to sleep
John, Grade 5

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