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  • Tales of a Gimnazium Lektor: Part One

    A brief reflection on the workaday experience of a foreign teacher working in a Hungarian high school.

  • Happy Thanksgiving from South Korea

    All the students at school would like to wish you a Very Merry…Thanksgiving! I admit I’m a bit late with this sentiment, as that day of family feasting is likely fading in some people’s memories as Christmas approaches, but the kids are as cute as they were a month ago, so don’t be deterred. Of…

  • Closer Than We Think

    Do you ever wake up in the morning, pour some milk into a bowl of cereal, and think, “Hmm, I wonder what on Earth children in South Korea eat for breakfast?” Find the responses to this query and plenty of other questions about the daily life of a student in South Korea in this video.

  • More poetry from the classroom

    After some brainstorming about sensory details and exploration in the exciting world of similes, a refreshingly fun concept to teach, my 2nd grade class created these haikus together. Let’s move with the rain, God is showering at sky,* Tok tok, it’s like beans.

  • Poems from Korean Children

    Greg Teacher: A Haiku Greg is my teacher. Greg Teacher is very tall. I like Greg Teacher My fifth graders collectively A Limerick About a Cat There once was a funny cat. Who was also very very fat. He went to the vet, Because he’s a pet. And now he can hunt for rat. My…