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More poetry from the classroom

Hard at work.

After some brainstorming about sensory details and exploration in the exciting world of similes, a refreshingly fun concept to teach, my 2nd grade class created these haikus together.

Let’s move with the rain,
God is showering at sky,*
Tok tok, it’s like beans.

Tip Tap: raining day,
Peep, peep: let us hear a song,
Tip, tap, joyful day.

*While I was mostly a moderator and these words are largely their own and unchanged, I must admit this simile began like this: “What does rain sound like?” followed by pensive stares of contemplation and Jane’s raised hand.
“Yes Jane”
“A giant peeing.” This was met by many nodding heads and chirps of agreement.
“God! Like God peeing,” a classmate piped in, to more enthusiastically supportive nods.

I admit the image of the almighty taking a leak from the heavens to the benefit of our fields and faucets is creative and waxes poetic. However, I am trying to cut back on the steady stream of poddy talk in the classroom, so I coached them a bit towards other aspects of God’s morning routine.

After working as a group, the class was let loose to try their hand at writing poetry on their own. If there was any concern that my refusal to write the God in the pot simile on the board stilted their creativity, I think these are testament that any damage was not irrevocable. Here is the unedited result of their work.


Bum Bum scary Day
Bump Bump day for lightning.
Ding Ding happy Day
Rim Rim oh no there is a rain.
A rain man come to our house
it was very droppy
now our house is messy.


Money looks like snow
so much moneys like rocks
Let’s song with money like silver.
I won money, Let’s sell it and get diamond.

a haiku and acrostic by Terry

Tok! So dirty rain.
It smell like a smelly skunk
Tik! So playful rain

R-rain is coming
A-and there is a hurricane
I-in my house we are crazy
N-now we are dead.


S-skunk is finding a food but some boy
K-kicked its
N-now his so sad.
K-kind skunk was embarrassing?


Bark, bark Let’s touch doggy
The body is softly like a couch
Now, Let’s pet the doggy


Jane is smart.
Orange is yummy.
Yo-yo is fun
Fun means enjoy
Uranus is cold planet.
Lab is scientist’s room.

Things were going freakishly well on Friday, and when my last third grade class of the day finished writing two descriptive paragraphs early, rather than play games and bother others, they ASKED if they could please write poems. Miracle of miracles, it was nearly unexplainable, I was too happy to let their pencils write.


creepy sounding
scary mounding,

bats whooing
wind shooing

no lightness
only darkness.

Moon less
and darkness.

Seong Min

Dark fresh
We feel

We feel elated like
we are floating in the air.

Dark polluted ocean
We feel

I feel like the dark, strong,
and mighty
beast will swallow the ocean any moment!

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