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  • A Quick (Belated) Podcast

    A Quick (Belated) Podcast

    A podcast documenting our first two months in Hungary. From school, to a celebration, and a memorial.

  • Trabbis and Transitions: First impressions of Hungary

    Trabbis and Transitions: First impressions of Hungary

    Remnants of Soviet communism and European Union sponsored construction projects dot the workaday landscape of Hungary.

  • Welcome


    What this blog is all about.

  • Dispatch from the Classroom: First Grade

    Don’t Pick the Flowers “Don’t pick flowers,” was the immediate response when my first grade students were asked recently to imagine that our class had been whisked away from our room in Ilsan, South Korea and plopped down on an isolated island with the challenge of governing ourselves. “Don’t pick flowers,” was among the first…

  • Snow Day in Ilsan

    After a week spent in the crunchy snow and shiver-inducing temperatures of the Midwest, my winter boots got plenty of use. When it came to packing them for my trip back to Goyang, South Korea, I nearly left them behind, thinking of the snowless streets I had left behind only days earlier. Over-packer that I…