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A Quick (Belated) Podcast

Berszenyi Park in full, summer bloom

It’s been a while since our last post here at Keeping up with the Magyars, but among working, applying for graduate school, and enjoying this splendid country, we have not had a lot of time for updating the blog.

So here it is, a collection of audio sampled from across about two months covering the first day of school, a community celebration, and the 54th Anniverssary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Enjoy the audio, and stay tuned here for future entries about dinner parties, education in Hungary, and our upcoming week in Slovenia.


2 thoughts on “A Quick (Belated) Podcast

  1. Hi Greg!

    I’m a current Gustie, and we are doing an article for the Weekly focusing on the exchange program with China. As a world traveler and a former UIC student, I thought you would have some unique insight! We’re on a tight deadline, so if you have time answers before Wed. morning would be great.

    *What inspired you to study at UIC?
    *What were the most shocking differences between American and Chinese university life?
    *How did your trip to China foster the desire to travel more?
    *What would you say to students considering studying abroad (particularly in China)?
    *How did going to a liberal arts college influence your future?

    If you could e-mail responses, I would be SO HAPPY!

    Also, super jealous of your whole adventure! I want to go to eastern Europe so badly!

    LaReesa Sandretsky, Gustavian Weekly

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