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An Update on Swine Flu

We were told this week by our Academic Coordinator that in the event we do close, all teachers are expected to come in on Saturdays and Sundays to make up for lost time. Rumors about a government edict closing all the schools abound but we have not heard anything official from the Government.

According to the Korea Times, the government raised its alert status this week, and is stepping up flu prevention strategies:

The country had maintained its “orange” alert status since July 21 but decided to raise it as an average of 8,857 people caught the new flu per day last week, up from 4,420 tallied for the week before. A total of 42 people have died in South Korea from the flu since mid-August.

Government efforts will be focused on coping with serious flu cases and vaccinating about 35 percent of the population as soon as possible to safeguard public health, the ministry said.

I’m just glad I’m part of the public option health plan.

Read: S. Korea Raises Flu Alert to Highest ‘Red’ Level.

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