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  • Lake Superior Memorial Day 2024

    Lake Superior Memorial Day 2024

    We’ve done a Memorial Day camping trip every year since 2021 (except last year). We camped at the Porcupine Mountains, Madeline Island, and Cornucopia, WI in 2021; Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and returned to Corny in 2022; and this year we returned to the UP but ventured to Minnesota’s North Shore instead of the Apostle…

  • State Fair Food Pitched by Munkácsy Students

    This past weekend, Kaposvár celebrated the Hungarian tradition of Farsang (far-shaang). The festival featured creatures known as Busó (pronounced boo-show) roaming around Kossuth square, mostly scaring children and dogs, but some also got a bit aggressive with the ladies, which was a little strange. The story of the Buso goes something like this: