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A Little Housekeeping

From time to time we shake things up and make our site a little more user-friendly or change the way we deliver you content. In the beginning we wanted to bring some fancy-looking, podcastable, and printer-friendly versions of each of our posts, and then we ran into some problems with our publishing software deciding to go out to lunch. We also added a photos page with slide shows from each of our picasa pages serving up our most recent pictures from our journey around the Korean peninsula, and recently installed a gadget to allow our mobile users better access to our page. Today we rearranged our links so that their a little more organized and it’s easier for your to find the links you are looking for and know what kind of site you are visiting when you click on one of them. Continue reading “A Little Housekeeping”

Now Available for iPhones

Hey everyone, we added a nifty little gizmo to our webpage today that lets us make our content more accessible to all your wired readers of ours out there. Now, whenever you go to our page on your iPod touch or Iphone, Android, or blackberry browser, you should get a fancy looking mobile page. We’ve been trying for a while to find a good way of delivering our content to mobile users without compromising our site’s overall style, look, and feel, and we are glad we can do it now. Have a look around the site, and leave a comment letting us know what you think.

As always, thanks for reading.

We’re Back in Action

We disappeared for a few weeks there. Not sure what happened back in St. Peter, but the server hosting our site went down and we were out of commission for a while. We’ll have more posts up as soon as we can get them out to you. While we were out I wrote some fiction and might hand it over to you later this week to see what you think of it. Keep it tuned here.

Now Podcastable

When most people who know what a podcast is think about podcasts they usually think of a downloadable radio show, but podcasts can have many different files embedded within their code, including PDFs. Since we’re generating a PDF “printable version” of our site anyway, we decided to make it easier for you to receive our updates right on your home computer, and are now offering our site as a podcast.

To subscribe to our podcast, use the following url in your favorite podcast or feed reading software:

If you do not know how to podcast, visit this great explanation from the BBC:

Hope you’re enjoying the site.

Printable entries

In the interest of making self-publishing, and making this feel less like a blog and more like an online magazine, we will be publishing a PDF version of all posts alongside the web version. Feel free to download and print or just keep them to admire the photos.

Also, expect a new entry soon.