A Little Housekeeping

From time to time we shake things up and make our site a little more user-friendly or change the way we deliver you content. In the beginning we wanted to bring some fancy-looking, podcastable, and printer-friendly versions of each of our posts, and then we ran into some problems with our publishing software deciding to go out to lunch. We also added a photos page with slide shows from each of our picasa pages serving up our most recent pictures from our journey around the Korean peninsula, and recently installed a gadget to allow our mobile users better access to our page. Today we rearranged our links so that their a little more organized and it’s easier for your to find the links you are looking for and know what kind of site you are visiting when you click on one of them.

Instead of having a giant and unhelpful “friends” category, and a few smaller categories for everyone and everything else, we now have more categories with fewer links in each. Here’s what to expect from each category:

  • Expat blogs: these are blogs from other expats living and teaching English in Korea, some of them are by people we know, some are not.
  • Family: this category is reserved for blood relatives of either author, pretty self explanatory.
  • Food: a category for people writing about food in Korea, or other places around the world.
  • Gustavus: all links here end in gustavus.edu.
  • Public Radio: these are links to radio stations that are non-profit and listener supported or our favorite programs run by those stations.
  • Teach For America: many of our friends from the Class of ’09 went on to teach for this wonderful organization, you can read about their experiences here.

For the most part these are all mutually exclusive. Where that is not true, we placed the site in the category that best reflected its content.

We also changed the way we file our stories to make it easier for our readers to find the posts they want. All posts about Korea are filed under the “Stories from Korea” category, and anything shorter than 500 words (or about a page) is also filed under “Shorts.” From time to time we will write longer pieces that will range from 800-1,400 words and we will file them as “Features.” These posts are not only longer, but are also more in depth and finely tuned than other posts. The final category under which you will see stories filed is “Admin” and will include posts like this about site maintenance and any changes we make.

In addition to categorizing our posts, we are also tagging each post with keywords that describe a post’s content. Near the bottom of the sidebar on the left side of the page is something called a tag cloud that shows the most popular tags for our posts. The bigger the keyword is, the more we’ve blogged about it.

Hopefully these changes will help you navigate this site a bit better. We’ll new posts about Korea are coming soon; in the mean time, keep your feed reader pointed here!







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  1. 태야 Avatar

    lookin’ shnazzy~~
    finally a follower, and proud to be~!
    can’t wait for more to come. always nice to read a minnesotan’s perspective 🙂 happy writing~!