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International Underground

Greetings Loyal Readers,

The real news with this update is an announcement related to another project both Danielle and I are working on called International Underground. We blogged about International Underground once before, alerting you of its existence, but now we are glad to announce it is up and running.

International Underground is a multimedia organization dedicated to telling the stories of those who often fail to make the headlines, or even page A27. Our first series, Inside Seoul’s Filipino Community, attempts to give voice to one of the largest populations of migrant workers in Korea. Filipinos can be found all over the country working the so-called 3D jobs, those that are dirty, dangerous, and difficult. They work in the factories, lumber yards, manufacturing facilities, and farms, and often face adversity and discrimination. Our stories give life and voice to these workers through engaging and creative storytelling. You can read Danielle’s piece, A Place to Call Their Own: Seoul’s Raphael Clinic, and hear my audio piece, A Culture of Support, on the International Underground website at, if you enjoy what you see, hear, and read, please subscribe to the email list, or the rss feed, and visit the facebook and twitter profiles. These articles will likely be cross-posted in some form to this blog, but not for a while.

As far as Schoolhouse: ROK goes, we have some entries in progress, and we hope to get back to more regular updates for you all. Those of you who frequent the site may have noticed we have a new design layout for Schoolhouse: ROK. For those keeping score, this is the third time we changed up the layout and design for the Schoolhouse: ROK blog. Hopefully things are pretty easy to find, we’re hoping they are easier to find with this layout, particularly for those of you on any version of Internet Explorer. We only recently realized how terrible the old layout looked for you folks. We’re working on a new design for the whole site, rethinking it from the ground up, that should launch sometime this summer. Until then we think this notepad-like theme is an elegant solution.