State Fair Food Pitched by Munkácsy Students

This past weekend, Kaposvár celebrated the Hungarian tradition of Farsang (far-shaang). The festival featured creatures known as Busó (pronounced boo-show) roaming around Kossuth square, mostly scaring children and dogs, but some also got a bit aggressive with the ladies, which was a little strange. The story of the Buso goes something like this: Continue reading “State Fair Food Pitched by Munkácsy Students”

Tales of a Gimnazium Lektor: Part One

A brief reflection on the workaday experience of a foreign teacher working in a Hungarian high school.

Given that I came to Hungary about a month and a half after I left Korea, the first question a lot of people ask me is something to the tune of: “So do you like Hungary or Korea better?” Continue reading “Tales of a Gimnazium Lektor: Part One”