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In addition to Schoolhouse: ROK, Harms-Boone Productions supports and develops other projects on the web and in print. All of these projects are currently hosted at but Danielle and Greg have both supported other organizations. This page is a list, and brief descriptions of, their other projects past and present.

All Grown Up is a newsletter and multimedia blog in ongoing production. Greg and Danielle are both contributing writers and chief production editors for the print and online versions of the publication. All Grown Up is a way of keeping graduates of Gustavus Adolphus College’s Class of 2009 in touch with one another outside of the normal means and services provided by the Alumni Organization. All Grown Up can be found on the web at Like its parent website, it is run on a WordPress 2.8 content management system.

KGSM Radio is the campus radio station at Gustavus Adolphus College that underwent major overhauls to its web and live broadcast capabilities while Greg was its general manager and programming director. KGSM now boasts a modern and sophisticated web presence and broadcasts using Icecast and darkice to power its live web stream. As a student, Greg upgraded the station’s recording and audio production equipment, including the addition of a Pro Tools LE workstation, and a second studio for off-air production. With these new resources, he produced several radio documentaries, and podcasted nearly every hour of live radio his show, Aural Fixation, ever broadcast. He also organized and coordinated a story slam with the campus’s literary magazine, Firethorne. Over the course of a few years the site was hosted on both Drupal and WordPress CMS platforms, but it is currently running WordPress 2.8. Greg’s work at KGSM, including the podcast he kept while studying in China, is archived at

KGSM Website (Sept. 09)

The Gustavian Weekly: The campus newspaper at Gustavus Adolphus College employed the writing talents of Danielle for three years, and her editing talents for one and a half as the features editor. Greg also wrote for the paper’s commentary section for a year and a half. While the Gustavian Weekly does not keep archives categorized by author, many of the articles and columns written by Danielle and Greg are archived on their website.